Our Expertise

  • Brokering and consulting for high-level negotiations of music catalog administration & publishing contracts, sales of music publishing and masters assets, endorsements, film distribution & licensing and business management.
  • Reggaeton
  • Electronic/EDM
  • Pop
  • Urban
  • Latin
  • Rock
  • Country

- Conducting High Level TV, Film, Audio & Media Content Negotiations & Asset Management

- Advisory Global Manufacturing to Channel to Market Distribution

- Advisory & Consulting Global Sales Strategies, Marketing & Business Execution 

- Advisory in Investments Structuring & Global Market Outlook

- Development of Import & Export Strategies and Relationships


New Business Development

We advise and help companies realize healthy strategic growth. Growth for the sake of growth, leaves many a company over extended and underfunded.

We introduce companies to our clients that we believe can develop into good strategic alliances that will provide future revenue generation. We then advise and assist in the structure of that new connection, to help forge a healthy sustainable relationship.

We provide our clients access to international companies and high level influential contacts. Our network consist of corporate institutions, high level executives in diverse industries, private bankers, business brokers, and sourcing agents.

With our skills, know-how, resources and vast network, we open new doors and markets for our clients.

We work with companies in International looking for access to the U.S. consumer market.

We work with companies in the United States that are looking to enter the Latin American market.


World Economy

Our global economics practise combines analytical foresight with commercial acumen, and helps shape strategy and execution that unlocks economic, financial and social value.

We help organisations make better decisions, set strategies, improve resiliency, establish policy, discover new opportunities, optimise operations, create more revenue sales and plan for growth. 

Our economic consultants and thought leadership specialists are experts at applying advanced economic tools to provide valuable insights into today’s most pressing business, financial, and policy issues.


Strategic Legal Advisors / Investment Bankers / Management Consultants

Structuring and closing complex transactions. We create commercial solutions that rest on a solid foundation, formulated with legal expertise (legal solutions, that solve business problems). We offer highly sophisticated advice, and help clients solve, structure, and close complex transactions.

We are well positioned to deploy specialized teams to help our clients navigate risk, and reach ambitious goals. We have knowledge and experience in areas that clients need help, which allow us to help our clients solve the problems that they need to solve.

All services — One Relationship (expertise, capabilities, and resources), with global reach. Clients get seamless access to our diverse integrated services. And since, we work as one, can execute much faster than many. We pride ourselves on efficient and effective business execution.

Our aim is to become almost an extension of our clients internal teams. Our mission is for their business to run better with our services. And, for our work to impact their business outcomes.